Wella is a professionally recognised worldwide brand that provides improved long lasting colour, high shine and conditioning compared to other products.

Being passionate about hair means being passionate about you, which is why wella put so much effort into science and research, to provide professionals with the best possible products and bring you the best possible results.

After a trip to the salon, your hair not only looks fantastic, it feels fantastic too. That’s because the salon formulas are specially designed for superior care and styling. Buy your products in salon to create professional looks that last.


Wishing you had longer hair? We have the answer… Racoon International hair extensions are the unrivalled market leader in the UK and are regarded as the best hair extension system all over the world.

Racoon International’s bonded system allows your natural hair to be easily and safely blended and lengthened. Whether it’s a fringe, sharp bob or luxurious long hair, Racoon extensions can totally transform your image.

The multi-award-winning system is scientifically proven not to damage hair thanks to non-allergy synthetic bond. The unique inert polymer bonds contain natural products, such as pine kernel and orange peel extracts. They are translucent, take on the colour of your own hair, are about the size of a grain of rice and leave no trace or residue.

We recommend you use the Racoon-Xtend aftercare range enabling you to cleanse, condition, style and maintain your hair extensions whilst simultaneously caring for your own hair.

The hair can last up to six months with regular maintenance appointments.


Nearly all celebrities with longer hair wear hair extensions. Cheryl Cole, Kate Moss, Nicola Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Danni & Kylie Minogue, Sophie Anderton, Jade Jagger and Denise Van Outen are just some of the A-listers who enhance their look by wearing extensions.


Redken Hair Care has been at the forefront of the hair care and hair styling product game since it arrived on the scene in 1960. Dynamic, entrepreneurial American actress, Paula Kent, started the company after experiencing irritation to her sensitive scalp after frequent chemical services and hair style changes. Frustrated that no-one could explain why the products were irritating, Paula began liaising with professional hairdressers in a bid to help millions of other people needing high-performance products that were gentle.

Redken have more than 40 years experience in haircare. After discovering that hair is made predominantly from protein, Redken developed formulas using protein technology which conditions hair internally.

Redken’s nutritious ranges cater for both men and women, targeting the needs of every hair type. The deep penetrating formulas can transform even the driest and most damaged hair, leaving it feeling replenished and manageable.


Pureology is a professional hair care brand unlike any other. Offering no-compromise colour care, the dual benefit formulas keep hair colour vibrant for longer plus treating the hair to whatever else it needs.

Pureology’s sulphate-free, dual-benefit formulas are 100% vegan, and guarantee maximum hair colour protection.


GHD created in 2001, became an instant success with the unbeatable must-have styling tool. The brand’s hair straighteners became untimely popular across the UK and continued to be the best trend ever to set foot in a salon.

GHD will create, perfect and protect your style no matter what you choose with a range of hair stylers, hairdryers, curling wands & tongs, styling brushes and wet-line products. With advanced tri-zone technology the range makes sure you locks are in tip top shape for any style.


Nanokeratin’s products use safe all-natural premium ingredients, which provide long-term protection for your hair, unlike standard products that cause long-term hair damage.

Nanokeratin System’s innovative formulas are made from completely natural and ecologically-certified ingredients, based on Bio-mimicry, Collagen and Silk, infused with amino acids, and a series of hand-selected vitamins and essential oils.

The all-natural products are safe and non-irritable not only for women’s hair, but also for skin, scalp, throat and eyes. Furthermore, the products contain gentle cosmetic fragrances which have a calming effect on the senses.

Nanokeratin System’s extensive treatment menu caters to various hair types and needs, but leads to a single result, your hair: beautiful, vibrant, shiny, silky-smooth and full of body.